Centre for crisis management, diagnostic reassessment and detoxification «VILLA NINA»


Villa Nina was born as a proposal for specialized intervention " detoxification center " in response to the complexity of the poly-abuse conditions with or without psychiatric comorbidity. It is a structure located in rural area in Longana, Ravenna. The residential program is aimed at 20 users, both male and female; 15 seats are dedicated to the Intensive Module, 5 seats to the Zip Module.

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Intensive module:
People with disorder from substance use and / or behavioral addictions, ambosessi. Adults with personality characteristics and / or methods of taking substances for which it is possible to define treatment objectives in line with the therapeutic offer of the structure. Minors with substance problems and behavioral difficulties.

Zip module:
People with disturbance from substance use and / or behavioral addictions, for whom detoxification is required and / or scaling / setting up replacement and / or adversative therapy.
The criterion of election on which to request an insertion at Villa Nina is the presence of a functioning of the person in the bio-psychosocial areas that does not allow the management and planning of a therapeutic plan in an outpatient setting.
The therapeutic offer of the structure is aimed specifically at people with personality characteristics and / or methods of recruitment that can benefit from interventions aimed at:

  • assessment in conditions of drug free or sobriety
  • the need to learn and structure effective strategies to avoid substances and control risk situations.

Consistent with the specificity and the objectives of the structure and the short duration of the paths, it must be possible, by the sending service that the user is in charge, to follow the therapeutic project defined in the structure, based on the elements emerged from the assessment phase.
The residential program provides access to two paths, Zip Module and Intensive Module , for a total of 20 users.

ZIP Module

Maximum stay time 30 days

Zip module is designed for those situations where it is possible to define a request for intervention consistent with the objectives that follow,
reachable within a maximum time
stay of 30 days, and that do not have characteristics attributable to the exclusion criteria.


Healthcare area

  • Detoxification and detoxification from alcohol , heroin and benzodiazepines ( detoxify )
  • Scaling replacement drugs and psychotropic drugs
  • Induction and stabilization of drug therapy

Psychic and social area

  • Diagnostic evaluation of the user's psychosocial functioning
  • Evaluation of family context resources
  • Management of the crisis (exacerbation of family conflict, risk of loss of work, relapse in the use of substances, difficulties in the path in another structure, etc.)

The Zip Module can be a prerequisite to the Intensive Module.

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