Project Mercury - living Unit in Cesena

The Progetto Mercurio is a housing unit activated by the Nuovo Villaggio del Fanciullo Foundation as part of the services provided, in a single building, in the Ponte Pietra di Cesena site.

The housing unit is located within the System of Services for pathological dependencies dell'AUSL Romagna is a project aimed at offering a permanent or temporary residential housing, and support, and is intended for 6 adults with problems related to drug addiction , alcoldipedenza , psychiatric co-morbidity , which are recognized evolutionary skills, even if present in different sizes.


Such persons must possess a current condition of compensation and psycho-physical balance, without particularly restrictive legal limitations to prevent their freedom of movement and access to daily practices of autonomy and for which a path has been thought socio-rehabilitation , or that they are lacking, or with a poor family network, able to sustain their emotional and emotional situation.

The housing unit, is a residential project of social reintegration that has the purpose of:

  • to guarantee domicile;
  • to improve the quality of life of the subjects benefiting from the project, urging daily self-management actions in order to limit the dependence on others and to discourage passive and delegated attitudes;
  • to prevent isolation and marginalization by favoring interpersonal relationships and affective relationships, mutual help and collaboration among the guests;
  • avoid or delay institutionalization by guaranteeing the person's permanence in their living environment, even if in a building different from their original home, with the support of a qualified assistance integrated with other services and with the resources of the territory.
  • to acquire the capacity for autonomous management of free time and daily life;
  • support, in the initial phase of the project, the self-administration of pharmacological therapies;
  • to encourage careful management of money;
  • developing socialization and mediation skills;
  • overcome risky behavior.
Project of intervention

The project is aimed at subjects who, although leading a partially autonomous life, need protection and support services in a protected environment.

The conditions for access to the housing unit are ascertained through a joint evaluation by the sending service team and the housing unit team;
Those who present complex health care and assistance needs can not benefit from this service only through continuous social-health assistance.