Community for Unaccompanied Foreign Minors


The New Village of the Child Foundation runs three communities for minors unaccompanied foreigners located in Ravenna. It offers a housing solution and educational referentiality to complete the process of social integration and personal self-empowerment of children, also as a result of transfers from reception facilities.


The service is aimed at 28 young foreign teenagers, aged between 16 and 18, who have come to Italy without a family and without a regular residence permit.

The offer of the structure is aimed specifically at those guys coming from:

  • irregular entries in the Italian territory;
  • educational paths in other communities for minors having carried out a path aimed at self-autonomy and self-regulation and that do not present problems related to the abuse of alcohol and / or narcotic substances ;
  • from the welcome reception called MODULO 72 ORE always managed by the New Village Foundation of the child .


Staying time
until reaching the age of majority

The MSNA (Unaccompanied Foreign Minors) " community for minors " is designed to help users reach personal autonomy once to a new independent life in our country through the life of community, through the start-up to the study and through the acquisition of new professional skills. The educators present 24 hours a day with flexible hours according to their needs, will guarantee a continuous service, allowing to manage any kind of emergency or need, both educational and health.


To guarantee young people welcomed, a time and a place to plan their life. The educator promotes an individual path of growth that leads them to be responsible for their actions in the world of work and in the social, motivating the constancy and commitment in both study and work and respect / sharing of common areas. The progress with respect to the achievement of the objectives will be monitored and possible modifications to the individualized plan will be proposed during the verification with the operators of the Recovery Community and in the relationship with the competent Social Services.

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