Adopt a fruit tree

The " Adopt a fruit tree " project is one of the social projects implemented by the Nuovo Villaggio del Fanciullo Foundation to contribute to the recovery and social and work reintegration of its guests.

In particular with the adoption of a tree you will contribute to the implementation, through the planting of over 300 fruit trees , of the agricultural area used to train the guests of the health facilities of the Village.
It will be like cultivating it with us, because immediately we will keep you informed of what we do by sending you accurate documentation, both photographic and written. You will thus participate directly in the different stages of tree growth, you will discover cultivation techniques, you will know how the fruit ripens.

Adopting a fruit tree costs € 20.00 (one-off) and offers many pleasant benefits such as:

  • To contribute to the training of young guests of our facilities
  • To have a direct relationship with the earth and to be informed about the cultivation techniques
  • Participate in agricultural life and follow the plant's biological clock to the rhythm of the seasons
  • Receive 1 kg of fruit per year (when the trees are going to be produced) produced by your tree to be picked up at the market of the Nuovo Villaggio del Fanciullo Foundation.

Donate to your loved ones, your friends, but also to your customers or collaborators of fruit trees . You will offer them the opportunity to participate in a important social project and enjoy genuine, quality fruit. It will be a little like giving away your way of loving life and the good things it offers through a gesture that will help many unfortunate young people. A thought that is truly worth a thousand words.


The project will be implemented in Ravenna on the farmland of the Nuovo Villaggio del Fanciullo Foundation in Via 56 Martiri, 79. About 100 guests of the Foundation's health and social-health facilities will benefit from your contribution.


Shortly after your request you will receive all information on the adoption of the fruit tree, together with the photo and the adoption certificate. Near your tree will be affixed to a plate with the name you will show us. Every year you will receive photos and updates on the tree you are supporting and you will have news about the initiatives carried out for the guests of our facilities. When the tree comes into production you can come and collect 1 kg of fruit from your tree at our market.
You will also have the opportunity to come and find your tree by agreeing your visit with our agricultural manager.