Cookie Policy

First of all, what are cookies

A cookie is a small text file (a few bytes) exchanged between a website and your browser and normally used by the operator of the website to store information necessary to improve browsing inside the site.

Foundation New Village of the Child, in quality of Holder of the processing of His personal data, manages cookies, in compliance with the Directive 2002/58/EC of the european Parliament and of the Council of 12 July 2002 concerning the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector (directive on privacy and electronic communications), for the following processing purposes:

To allow for navigation of the internet site, there are the following types of cookie:

  • Technical Cookies: technical access and Functional at the Site (no data is kept after the Browser is closed);
  • Cookies of session: Purpose of navigation Evolved or management of the custom content;
  • Analytical cookies: Aims and Statistical Analysis of the navigation and users

Table of cookies

Cookie Name Type Link to the site Duration Provider
__utma Statistics 2 years
__utmb Statistics 1 day
__utmc Statistics Session
__utmz Statistics 6 months
_ga Statistics 2 years
_gat_gtag Statistics Session
_gid Statistics 1 day
__utmt Statistics Session
__atuvc Statistics 1 year
rstbox Technical 1 month
nrid Not Classified 30 months

The processing of the functional data for the performance of such obligations is necessary for a correct navigation of the website, the provision is necessary and required to implement the above objectives. The non-acquisition of such data may cause the impossibility to guarantee the navigation of the internet site.

  • Advertising cookies third-party (no profiling)

Table of cookies

Cookie Name Type Link to the site Duration Provider
The Cookie is not present        

These cookies can exchange information and track the browsing of the user that is registered to one of the services available. How to disable them is described below, from each and every single link you can turn them off.

Methods of processing: your personal data may be processed by electronic computers with the use of software systems managed by Third parties, that are programmed directly. The processing for purposes of statistical analysis takes place in a temporary and Anonymous; any data processing performed with third-party cookies is carried out as described in the privacy policy, and cookie policy below.

Your data will be processed solely by personnel expressly authorized by the Owner and/or manager and, in particular, from the following categories of subjects:

  • In charge of technical web;
  • Recipients of companies that provide external foster care of the technical services;

Diffusion: Your personal data will not be disseminated in any way.

How to manage cookies and their disabling:

In the event that You have any doubts or concerns regarding the use of cookies, it is always possible to intervene to prevent the setting and the reading, for example, by changing the privacy settings on His browser to block certain types.

Since each browser - and often different versions of the same browser - also differ significantly from each other, if you prefer to act independently by using the preferences of Your browser you can find detailed information on the steps required in the help function of Your browser. For an overview of the mode of action for the most common browsers, you can visit the address

If you want to, the advertising company allow you to not opt-out of targeted ads. This does not prevent the setting of cookies, but it stops the use and the collection of certain data by those companies. It is possible the disabling of each of the individual cookies from the link shown in the “table”cookies".

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