The Statute

Version 2011

Art. 1 - Statute

The Foundation was set up by the express wish of Don Ulisse Frascali, in memory of his parents Anna and Celso Frascali, and called "Il Nuovo Villaggio del Fanciullo Celso and Anna Frascali". The aim of the centre was to create and nurture projects and services for people in need implemented with agreements from both private and public entities.
The Foundation seeks to co-operate in the context of public and private initiatives, operating with similar objectives, establishing appropriate forms of connection, participation, cooperation and giving priority to the relationship with non-profit organisations, with a focus on volunteering which aims to enhance the work. Pursuant to and for the purposes referred to in art.10 et seq. Legislative Decree n.460 dated 4 December 1997, the organisation takes its name in the definition of "non-profit organisation of social utility" or "NGO" which appears in every communication and correspondence.


Art. 5 - Organs of the Foundation

The organs of the Foundation are:

  1. General Committee
  2. The President of the Foundation
  3. The Board of Directors
  4. The Audit Committee
  5. The Joint Committee


Art. 18 - Patrimonio

The Foundation's assets consist of:

  • the original endowment fund, as given by the founder;
  • economic assistance provided by the State or by other public bodies;
  • real estate and personal property and resulting from legacies, donations or purchases, which are property acquired by the Foundation, with the express purpose to increase the assets.


Art. 20 - Dissolution of transformation of the Foundation

The Foundation has an unlimited duration.
The Foundation may be terminated or transformed under Articles 27 and 28 of the Civil Code in the event that the purposes for which it was established have become impossible to achieve or of little benefit or if the patrimony has become insufficient. In such cases, the Board of Directors, with a majority of four fifths of the members, after hearing the controlling body, takes into account art. 3, paragraph 190, of Law 23/12/1996, n .662, and takes the measure to be approved by the General Committee on the dissolution or transformation of the Foundation.
The Board also approves the appointment of one or more liquidators. In case of dissolution, the assets of the Foundation will be donated to other non-profit organisations with similar purposes or for purposes of public utility, having taken into account art.3, paragraph 190, of Law 23/12/1996, n.662, unless otherwise required by law.
In no case can assets, earnings and reserves be distributed in a different manner from that imposed or permitted by law.